Bajwi Hotel Kokrajhar – One of the Best And Most Visited Hotel

Bajwi Hotel in Kokrajhar is one of the oldest hotels and one of the best to date. Though they have many new competitors, we can easily judge the winner by the sheer looks of the people rushing in the Bajwi Hotel.

When I used to study at Don Bosco School, Kokrajhar, during 1996-98, Bajwi hotel was the most popular, and they kept that status to date beating all the competitors.

After I am back in my hometown (Kokrajhar - Assam) last October 2019, I visited Bajwi Hotel in Kokrajhar thrice only (We always love to taste outside food once in a while). 

Bajwi hotel food is always delicious, with a lot of different cuisines they served. Once you visit, you would definitely want to visit again.

The recent visit was on 24 Feb 2020 (during our Kokrajhar visit to purchase a Scooty - We bought the Honda Grazia). I, along with my nephew, visited the Bajwi Hotel.

If you are in Kokrajhar town and longing for home food to satiate your hunger, then, without a doubt, hit the Bajwi Hotel and thank me later. For your reference, I am sharing the Photos of Bajwi Hotel, Food Samples (the one we ate), and a Menu (posted in front of their cash counter).

Bajwi Hotel Kokrajhar Image/Photo

Bajwi Hotel Kokrajhar

Bajwi Hotel Kokrajhar Exterior Looks

If you look at the Bajwi Hotel outer looks, you would assume, that's quite a small hotel. But don't get deceived by their exterior looks, inside they have a lot of space (three separate dining areas), a very big kitchen, toiletries. They can easily accommodate 200+ customers at once.


Altogether, they must be having 50+ staff for cooking and handling huge regular rush in customers.

When the Kokrajhar town's main road was elevated and widened, their 20-30% structure seems like eaten by the way. They could've easily re-constructed, but they kept the outer as it is, inside they have expanded the area and have constructed many other dining areas and other facilities.


M/S. Bajwi Hotel
J.D. Road, Kokrajhar. B.T.C. (Assam) - 783370
Landmark - Near SBI - North Kokrajhar Branch


Bajwi Hotel Food Images/Photos

Whenever you visit Bajwi Hotel in Kokrajhar (I am repeating Kokrajhar, because of the few branches they have in other places), you'll always get the below food filled with different cuisines. It's a pork meal; we ate with a price tag Rs. 140. If you remove the Pork from this meal, then it's just a vegetable meal with price tag Rs. 70

The best thing about the Bajwi Hotel food is that you can get unlimited food refills without additional price, take much as rice you want, and the other fry sabji, curries, etc. Even if you are eating Pork here, you will get the pork curry also (not the meat) if you ask them for free.

Bajwi Hotel Food Kokrajhar

Bajwi Hotel Food Kokrajhar | Bajwi Hotel Pork Meal | In the center plate - Rice, Gorsi Fry, Fish Muri Ghonto, Dasu Chutni, Potato Fry, and From Left - Papor fry, Lemon, Salad, Chilli chutney, Sobai, Dal, Alu & Cauliflower mixed sabji, Onla, Narzi, and the Pork.

Bajwi Hotel Food Menu and Price

Below is the Food Menu Photo I took on 24 Feb 2020.

Bajwi Hotel Food Menu Kokrajhar

Whenever I am hungry and want to hit the hotel for food, then I will come back again and again to the Bajwi Hotel Kokrajhar. What about you? Share your Bajwi hotel experience here.

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