BTC Accord Day 2020 Celebration Glimpse

Seems like many of you are already heading towards the BTC Secretariat Field, Bodofa Nwgwr, Kokrajhar to be part of the celebration. 

If you are wondering, what celebration? let me remind/inform you that, today on 10th Feb 2020 - we're celebrating our 18th Bodoland Day (18 years has been passed since the 2nd Bodo Peace Accord i.e., BTC aka Bodoland Territorial Council was formed on 10th Feb 2003 with the Government of India (GOI) and Government of Assam), though the BTC has been now upgraded and renamed to BTR aka Bodoland Territorial Region on 27th Jan 2020 with the Government of India (GOI) and Government of Assam. Thanks to our honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi for making this happened. 

The BTC Head Office is in Kokrajhar town of Kokrajhar district, so the celebration venue has been fixed in BTC Secretariat Office itself. The celebration venue address is:

BTC Secretariat Field, Bodofa Nwgwr, Kokrajhar

This Bodoland Day celebration, we can also say as the BTC Accord day celebration. The current chief of BTC, Hagrama Mohilary will lead the BTC Accord day celebration, the chief guest will be our Honourable Chief Minister of Assam, Shri Sarbananda Sonowal and the Guest of Honour will be our Honourable Minister of Science & Technology, etc of Assam, Shri Keshab Mahanta.

Check out the BTC Accord Day 2020 Celebration Invitation, Programme Details, etc below

Click on the image to enlarge, zoom to read it.

Here's the glimpse of the decorated Entry Gate of the BTC Secretariat where the celebration is being held.


BTC Accord Day Celebration | Bodoland Day 2020 Celebration

Note: I have not attended the celebration. If any of you have attended then please do share anything, you would like to via the comment section.

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