Gold Cinema Kokrajhar – All You Need to Know

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Gold Cinema Kokrajhar, also is known as Gold Digital Cinema, is finally here. People of Kokrajhar who were longing for a proper cinema hall for a long time, it's time to rejoice now. You won't need to rush to Bongaigaon or even to Guwahati to watch the newly released movies anymore. Just visit the Gold Cinema, grab a snack, and enjoy the film.

Gold Cinema - Kokrajhar (Brief Overview)

Cinema Hall in BTC, Cinema Hall in BTR, Cinema hall in Kokrajhar town.

In the whole four districts of BTC (now going to be BTR soon), there is no proper cinema hall. Luckily, the people of Kokrajhar got one. With the arrival of Gold Cinema in Kokrajhar, it was a relief to all of us. We don't need to go anywhere now. We have our own Mini PVR Cinema hall in our Kokrajhar town.

Gold Cinema in Kokrajhar got inaugurated on 3 May 2019, and it has just one screen. The first movie shown was AVENGERS END GAME. There is a small food court inside where you can grab snacks and drink at a reasonable rate. The parking place is also very spacious (you can quickly figure out from the image shared below). The ticket price is less compared to other PVRs.

So far, I have watched only one movie (Housefull 4) in Gold Cinema Kokrajhar, and the experience was quite good. The picture quality was okay compared to the screen size. I have watched a lot of movies in different PVRs in Delhi-NCR during my 11 years of stay in Delhi (even in separate states during my sales tour visit). So I can easily say the infrastructure, quality of seats, picture quality according to screen size is fantastic.

Gold Cinema Kokrajhar Address

Bodofa Nwgwr, Dimalgaon, Near Jwngma Hotel, Kokrajhar, Assam 783370, India
Landmark - Nearby Honda Showroom/Pagla Baba/SBI -BTC Secretariat Branch.


Gold Cinema Kokrajhar Images/Photos

Lacking in Multi-Screen and 3D Support

Apart from the multi-screen, the other thing it's missing is 3D support (as per my knowledge, it only supports 2D - correct me if I am wrong). The single-screen doesn't give us a choice. If a particular movie runs for a week (or sometimes more than a week), and if that specific movie doesn't interest us, then we won't go and watch, but in case of multiple screens, we get a choice to choose the film and likely we may view them. As a consumer, it would have been nice if we have variety and choice. 

Gold Cinema Kokrajhar Ticket Price

There are three seats option and price of the same are shared below:

  • Silver = Rs. 100
  • Gold = Rs. 120
  • Platinum = Rs. 150
Gold Cinema Kokrajhar Ticket

Gold Cinema Kokrajhar Ticket Price Rate

Gold Cinema Kokrajhar Ticket Booking

You can book the ticket either at the counter or on the website.

1. Book Ticket at Counter

If you are still not used to online booking, then this ticketing counter is for you. 

Gold Digital Cinema Kokrajhar Ticket Booking Counter

Image Source: Facebook

2. Book Ticket at Online (via BookMyShow and Paytm)

As you can see below, on 18 Feb 2020, I checked the; the ticket booking for the newly released movie - Love Aaj Kal was available for booking. Download the BookMyShow app on your mobile and book ticker from the comfort of your home.

You can also book via Paytm

Gold Cinema - Food Court

Gold Cinema Kokrajhar Food Court

Promotion Opportunity for Local Movie Makers

A lot of filmmakers from Kokrajhar and other districts of the BTC area can now promote their films via Gold Cinema in Kokrajhar. Earlier, because of the lack of cinema hall in our BTC area, it was challenging for the filmmakers to show their movies to large mass in a short period, but now they don't need to worry anymore.

Brief on Kokrajhar Old Cinema Halls

In earlier days, when I used to study in Don Bosco Kokrajhar during 1996-98, there used to be three cinema halls, namely Ganga hall, RND hall, and Rangjali hall. Ganga hall was my favorite one, and I used to frequently watch there during my school days till I move to Navodaya School. RND hall and Ranjali hall were the first ones to closed, followed by Ganga hall, since then we all were eagerly waiting for someone to bring a proper movie theater, thanks to Gold Cinema, we all can now relax and ENJOY.

Will Movie Streaming Services Impact the Movie Theater?

​Nowadays, streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and many others, etc. are dominating the online entertainment space urging people to subscribe to them to watch a lot of collection of movies (new and old ones) and web series. We want to assume that the movie theater is slowly dying, but we all know that it's NOT.

We all still like to watch our favorite movies at the movie theater, along with other people, enjoying the scene together, laughing together. The experience we get at the theater is something we ENJOY A LOT, which we can't get it when we watch alone in Laptop/Mobile at home.

I use to frequent theatre earlier a lot, but now only when my favorite ones are playing (but sometimes, you have to know, you know :-)), rest whenever the movie is available online, I watch them online.

A lot of people still watch movies only in the movie theatre, and I think the movie theatre is very less in India compared to the Indian population. For example, Kokrajhar has got only one cinema hall, compared to the large population we have. I am sure, in the coming days, we would get to see multiplex theatre here also.

What is your view on this? Please share your thoughts and your experience of Gold Cinema Kokrajhar via the comment section.

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