Patgaon Toll Gate (Toll Plaza) Installed and Operational Now

Patgaon Toll Gate - Patgaon Toll Plaza - Kokrajhar Toll Gate - Kokrajhar Toll Plaza Details

I was quite surprised to see the toll gate installed and actively operating at Patgaon in the National Highway 31C (NH-31C) when I, along with my friend was heading towards Kajalgaon from Gossaigaon on 20 Feb 2020 in the late evening.

Patgaon is a village in the Kokrajhar district. In Patgaon, there is a small bridge in the National Highway, the patgaon toll gate is located just 1 KM away from the Patgaon small bridge.

Kokrajhar toll gate - This is the first toll gate in the kokrajhar district. Before that, we didn't have any toll gate.  

Patgaon Toll Gate Installation Date And Rates

Patgaon toll gate (toll plaza) was installed on 19 Feb 2020, just one day before we experienced it. They are charging Rs. 40 (for one-way) for the Kokrajhar district registered vehicle number (AS-16) and Rs. 80 for other district vehicles (for the LMV vehicles).

Patgaon Toll Fee Schedule (Rate) Details are shared below

patgaon toll gate

Though I am from the Kokrajhar district, Unfortunately, my Hyundai Venue car registration number is of Bongaigaon district (AS-19). We have to argue with them to charge us Rs. 40 only instead of Rs. 80 as we are residents of Kokrajhar. Later they agreed at 40. Now seems like every time I take the highway route, I will have to argue with them which I'm not too fond of it but why should we pay double rate when I am from the Kokrajhar district itself.

Note: In Kokrajhar, we don't have a big car showrooms, so we buy it either from neighbor district Bongaigaon, and if it's not available, then we get it from the Guwahati city. We generally take the registration number from where it's bought. Only some opt for Kokrajhar number by paying extra money.

Was the Patgaon Toll Gate Necessary?

As we all know, the toll gate is installed to recover the money they spent on road construction and to maintain the same. In my last job, during my sales tour, we have toured around 6-7 states (and many cities) in India for approx 35 days through Scorpio (my boss car), we have encountered a lot of toll gates in the highway. So the toll gate is very common in India. I frequented Guwahati 5-6 times in the last 3-4 months from Kokrajhar, which is like 250 KM+ in the distance, and I was surprised to not encountered a single toll gate in the way. 

BUT was the Patgaon Toll Plaza Necessary? Well, I won't go into deep and debate here. I am just unhappy as the National Highway road from Srirampur till Kachugaon is very bad, and it has been like that since the NH-31 was widened to 2 lanes. My house is 1.5 KM+ from Highway (Gurufela Bazar bus stand - it is our landmark), and it's like 12 KM+ from Gossaigaon town towards left and 15 KM+ from Kachugaon towards the right.

Dangerous Potholes Ahead - Drivers Beware 

Both highway roads to Gossaigaon (till Srirampur) and Kachugaon are filled with dangerous potholes. It is even worse during rainy days as it's quite challenging to see and judge the depth of the potholes, especially at night leading into vehicle damage and accidents too sometimes. That's why I am unhappy right now. But since they already installed the toll gate, and they will be earning crore in a month, so they should now quickly repair these potholes or re-construct the bad roads.

So friends, What's your view on the Patgaon Toll Gate? Please share it via the comment box.

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    It must be destroy what if my house is jus 100 mtr away from toll gate and I need to get medical from patgaon do I have to argue it’s not the rules of toll gate

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